Courage in Elizabeth Wein’s work

Particularly nice post by Maureen, over at Chachic’s, about the nature of courage.

I think this is an important insight:

“Wein’s books consistently undermine the narrative of lone heroes: again and again, we see that we are saved in the company of others, that in the dark places the important thing is who stands beside you.”

That’ll certainly be in the back of my mind when I read Wein’s historical novels. I still think February will be a good month for me to take a break — meaning my current WIP is moving along fairly well. No, I did not actually work on it on Christmas day. Probably won’t today either, since tamale assembly is likely to take up quite a lot of the morning and various other things most of the rest of the day. Still, yeah, I think I’m a bit more than half done — and I’m through the difficult early middle. Onward!

But in the meantime, time to take a few minutes and see what else is going on around the internets. A whole two days without a look around! That doesn’t happen very often. If you’re also feeling like you NEED to check in around the book blogophere, then, yeah, click through and read Maureen’s post.

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