Elizabeth Wein “special ops”

If you’re a fan of Elizabeth Wein — or if you’re thinking maybe you should be (and I will just add that *I* think you should be) — then drop in over the next week or so at Chachic’s Book Nook.

Chachic is hosting a “special ops” week for Wein, who is, in my not especially humble opinion, one of the very, very best YA authors out there today. These days, I mostly avoid anything even remotely connected to Arthurian retellings (I’ve overdosed, I guess). But Elizabeth Wein’s early WINTER PRINCE series is an exception. I will say, only THE WINTER PRINCE itself draws strongly on the Arthurian mythos; after that, the series departs pretty thoroughly from Arthurian canon. My own introduction to Wein’s writing was THE SUNBIRD — I’ll have a guest post about that on Chachic’s blog later in the week. And I’ll certainly be following along to see what the other guest posts are about — though carefully, because I am still trying to avoid spoilers for CODE NAME VERITY and ROSE UNDER FIRE.

Anyway — let’s hear it for Elizabeth Wein (and for Chachic)! I’m very glad to see a fine author whose first series didn’t get the buzz it deserved getting some attention now for her historical fiction.

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