Here is the platter I took to my vet and her staff today when I went in for Folly’s hip check. (Yes, I am totally bragging, but I’m proud of my cookies.)


I always take a *big* platter of cookies to my vet at Christmas, because I trust her to go above-and-beyond for me when necessary. Of course, I sometimes feel I am personally putting her son through college, so there’s that.

Folly’s hips look fine, btw, which is nice but not (in my opinion) essential for a Cavalier. You hardly ever hear of a Cavalier who has the least bit of trouble with her hips, even if x-rays show mild dysplasia. In fact, I don’t think I have *ever* heard of a Cavalier that had clinically apparent hip issues. It’s patellas that are a concern in Cavaliers, not hips — my vet just routinely re-checks patellas ever time she sees a small dog. But I haven’t quite given up doing hips myself, yet.

Anyway! The cookies, so far this year:

Chocolate pistachio slices
Madras shortbread coookies
Chocolate almond cookies
Cranberry bites
Rosemary lemon cookies
Chocolate coconut slices
Caramel swirls
Scandinavian brown-butter cardamom cookies
Honey apricot cookies
Chocolaty double crunchers
Peppermint puffs
Tea cookies
Double chocolate ginger cookies
Almond bombes
Sesame snaps
Nutella sandwich cookies
Lavender honey shortbread
Lemon glitter cookies
Lemon bars
Cathedral window candies
Cream cheese truffles
Peanut scrunch

I’ve posted some of the best of these recipes over the past couple of years, btw, so let me point out the Best Cookies In The World tag, right? Some of the least showy cookies, like the Chocolaty Double Crunchers, are actually some of the best. A few aren’t to my taste — I don’t like peppermint, having overdosed as a small child.

I’m not quite done, either. Some of my favorites haven’t been made yet — I’d like to get to another half dozen or so types, minimum! That means the *second* platter that goes to my vet — for the other half of the staff, because they trade off here close to Christmas — will be quite different from the first.

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2 thoughts on “Cookies!”

  1. (fx) awestruck gazing at the platter of cookies.

    And more to come! Wow.

    I know what you mean about putting your vet’s kids through college, too.

  2. The key to a really impressive display is to make all the cookies very small — one to two bites each. That way you can fit 25 types (or so) on a single platter. Plus, that’s just better for Christmas because then people can try several kinds without feeling like they’re going overboard.

    I’m pretty efficient with making cookies, so the main constraint is actually freezer space. My mother has two (TWO!) chest freezers. But they’re both full!

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