Which Middle-Earth Character are you?

You know, I’ve had enough fun with this particular quiz that I thought I’d share it with you (Chachic linked to it from Twitter, so you see how useful Twitter is).

The questions are unusual for one of these online quizzes — you’ll probably enjoy this one if you take a second to click through.

I must admit I got Elf. A little pretentious, possibly, but that’s what it said. Then I tried to get it to tell me I was a Dragon, but I couldn’t — I don’t think Dragon is one of the options. I wasn’t very impressed with the first Hobbit movie, but I have to say, I will probably go see the second because, hey, Dragon!

Honestly, I am perhaps more a Hobbit. Adventure, not so much. Second breakfast, bring it on! I should go back through and see if I can get it to tell me I’m a Hobbit.

Maureen at bysinginglight says she got Ent. I wouldn’t mind being an Ent. Even though my favorite plants are trees, though, I would say I’d be more of an Entwife. I like a nice mix of woodlands and cultivated lands better than deep forest. And my favorite trees are cultivated flowering trees, too, though I admit I can be pretty fond of a big old white oak.

Anyway, which Middle Earth character are you?

Oh, and check out this picture, which I happened across just now at tor.com


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8 thoughts on “Which Middle-Earth Character are you?”

  1. I got wizard.
    So the survey is 100% accurate. I will be on the look out for a fancy staff so I can use my power more effectively.

  2. Diana, I’m not sure a bunny chariot would work for you, but a Standard Schnauzer posed by your side would look pretty cool. Robert, Maureen said she was going to start speaking in Entish; maybe you and she can start a trend. Don’t you think there should be a “Speak Like an Ent Day”? Hoom.

  3. Wizard, here. The resident daughter thought she’d be elf and was right.

    Lots of the choices weren’t quite right. Frex, there was no choice of ‘reading a good book’ for activity.

    p.s. like the webpage revamp!

  4. Apologies if this double posts, my first appears to have disappeared.

    I got wizard, my daughter expected and got elf. But we both thought one of the activities should have been reading.

    p.s. like the webpage redesign!

  5. I got Wizard, my daughter expected and got elf. So where’s my rabbit drawn sledge? And we both thought that the Saturday activities ought to have included ‘reading a book.’

    p.s. I like the webpage redesign.

  6. I agree, Elaine I looked at the activities for some time before sighing and picking one. They did not have either of us (or your daughter) in mind when setting up those activities.

  7. The problem is, I am really quite high-strung, which means that Ent is not the best choice for me either! I got wizard on a second try, which seemed a little more accurate. But really I am a hobbit, probably of the Tookish sort–willing to go on adventures, but glad to get home to a comfortable hobbit hole.

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