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You know what’s starting to appear here and there around the book portion of the blogosphere? Exciting titles coming out in 2014. (Like we’re caught up for 2013, right?)

For example, here’s Chachic’s list. And here’s Maureen’s list. I expect I would probably like all the titles on either list, so that does give me a lot of titles to keep track of. Especially since these two lists intersect only on the third RAVEN BOYS title from Maggie Stiefvater.

Well, and they also intersect on BLACK DOG. There’s a reason I’m particularly sure I share both Chachic’s and Maureen’s taste in books, eh?

I’m personally really longing for MAGIC BREAKS by Ilona Andrews — you know, there is a problem with titles that are all so similar; I will never, ever be able to keep this series straight without looking at the dates of publication. Anyway, LOST LAKE by Sarah Addison Allen. THE CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION by Laura Florand. I’m there on the RAVEN BOYS series, but honestly I think for me it can wait till the series is all the way complete. It’s not like I don’t have anything else to read in the meantime. All those are from Chachic’s list.

Then, Maureen mentions that Elizabeth Wein may have another book coming out — SWORD DANCER. I’m all over that, even knowing nothing at all about the title. Plus, Maureen reminds me of something I knew perfectly well, which is that Merrie Haskell’s CASTLE BEHIND THORNS is also due out soon. I’m longing to read that, not only because I loved it the first time I read it, but because I’m really interested to see how the final version differs from the version I read.

Okay, a few other titles are on my personal list, even though I hardly know what all might be due out in 2014. But one I do know about:

CJ Cherryh’s next Foreigner novel is supposed to be out next year: PEACEMAKER. I’m sure I’ll read that as soon as it’s available. Well, almost sure. If I’m deep in a project of my own, maybe it’ll have to wait. But still.

Also, STELES OF THE SKY is coming out — the third Eternal Sky book by Elizabeth Bear. I loved the first book and really look forward to reading the second and third. I’ll have to read the first again by then, I expect, but that’s hardly a problem.

Naturally I’ll also be doing my best just to get through some of the fantastic books published this year, or earlier, that have been sitting for months and years on my TBR pile. Chief among those will be ROSE UNDER FIRE and CODE NAME VERITY by Elizabeth Wein. After that, seriously, I have no idea.

So many books already on my TBR pile. So many can’t-resist-it titles coming along to add. Anything anyone else is especially looking forward to?

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4 thoughts on “Reading Lists for 2014”

  1. Sword Dancer is the title I’ve heard for the last Telemakos book. My understanding is that that’s been written for several years and waiting for the right time/method for publication. I think EWein said on Twitter that she’s hoping 2014 is the year.

    I feel like there must be a number of books coming out next year that I’ve missed hearing about, because my list seemed a bit bare. I am excited about the new Cherryh book, but highly doubt I’ll be caught up to that point since I’m only on book 4. And I should really get to that Elizabeth Bear series…

  2. My coming-out-TBR list is shorter than it’s been in years. But I am almost certain I will be looking forward to the next N. D. Wilson after I manage to get my hands on Empire of Bones (third in a great, fun YA/MG series that started as a kind of anti-Harry Potter, with the idea that you don’t need special talents or magic to be a hero, though it helps to have friends). Plus… I really can’t say some of the things I love about this without spoiling it, so I won’t, But I think it’s much better than I made it sound, and a good mix of funny and serious — you know, I haven’t found many books that handle serious subjects with great humor, but I tend to love them when I do. And I doubt I’ll ever forget what Cyrus does with his schoolwork.

    Also in the future: Sea of Time (I’m ambivalent about this, the series does not seem to be moving forward much), John Wright’s Judge of Ages (not sure about this one either, the second book was so different from the first, but at least he doesn’t write the same book over and over), Marissa Meyer’s Cinder series book #4 in 2015 (I read the first one when it came out and decided to wait to read the rest). Kasie West’s sequel to Pivot Point, which surprised me in a good way.

    Sword Dancer I will probably pick up for completeness (I have the first five in that series), though I didn’t love CODE NAME VERITY and didn’t even finish ROSE UNDER FIRE (too unhappy).

    The next MWT will probably be excellent, whenever that comes out.

  3. Hi, Joshua — Empire of Bones, eh? That sounds like something worth looking up. Now I’m really interested to know what Cyrus did with his homework. And, yes, I want to try the Cinder series eventually. I think I may have the first book on my Kindle — or maybe my wishlist.

  4. You do need to start with the first book, The Dragon’s Tooth; although it might be possible to pick it up in the middle, it won’t be as much fun.

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