A post after my own heart: literary food

No recipes this time, but books that will make you long for recipes. Or for a budget that stretches to include gourmet chocolate and macarons and stuff. Or for a magic touch with flower petals!

In other words, it’s a roundup of foodie reads from Chachic, starting with Laura Florand’s wonderful chocolate romances and proceeding through this and that to GARDEN SPELLS by another wonderful author, Sarah Addison Allen.

This may also be a good time to point out that Laura Florand has her newest book out, THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH. Also that Sarah Addison Allen’s LOST LAKE is due out in January.

Also, I hadn’t heard of this before and don’t know anything about it, but WAKING KATE, a story or novella or novel or something from Sarah Addison Allen, is free on Kindle right now. It’s officially out tomorrow, whatever it is.

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