Sometimes you want to wait for reviews before you commit.

Did you all already know that Diana Wynne Jones’ last book has been completed by her sister Ursula?

I didn’t know that till I saw this post over at Charlotte’s Library.


This is the UK cover on the left and the US cover on the right. Which do you prefer? Normally when there is a choice between the UK / US covers of a book, I wind up preferring the US cover, so as far as that goes I guess I am just another sheep following the herd.

BUT this time I really prefer the UK cover by kind of a lot. Curious, but there it is.

So who plans to rush out and buy this DWJ + Ursula Jones book? And who plans to wait for reviews?

I personally can’t help but be suspicious when a *family member* is asked to complete an unfinished work by a well-known author. I can’t help but feel it might have been a better idea for the publisher to ask someone who is already known to write with a kinda-sorta similar style to do the job of completing the work. For DWJ, I would have thought of Francis Hardinge. I have seen a DWJ-Hardinge comparison more than once, and given the one book by Hardinge that I’ve read (FLYTRAP), I agree.

And if Hardinge wasn’t interested, I bet I could come up with other authors if I tried. Um. Nina Kiriki Hoffman?

Anyway! I’ll be watching reviews with interest.

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes you want to wait for reviews before you commit.”

  1. Apparently Ursula Jones is a writer in her own right, which does make me feel a bit better. I’m not sure yet if I’ll buy it or wait to see–I wasn’t in love with DWJ’s last few books, but then again, last DWJ ever!

  2. I prefer the UK cover – it hints at more…and there’s a cat! I’ll be waiting for reviews. My book collection, I have been told, is a bit ridiculous of late, and I do have to move soon. Books are heavy. I want to make sure I’ll enjoy it before I commit to hauling it repeatedly to and fro.

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