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Reminds me of Mark’s turning ImpSec HQ into a hotel

Seriously, a hilariously terrible idea that I spotted over at tor.com.

What kinds of rides / shows / displays / hotels do you suppose you would find in this particular theme park? Do you even want to speculate?

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3 Comments Reminds me of Mark’s turning ImpSec HQ into a hotel

  1. Maureen E

    It’s a toss-up between the theme park and the Hunger-Games-themed Subway sandwiches. (No, seriously.)

    In other news, now I want to reread Captain Vorpatril! The ImpSec part was possibly my favorite section of the whole book.

  2. Craig

    OK, I’ve never read the books. But just from the title alone, I am having trouble coming up with a less suitable reference for themed fast food meals.

    And from what I’ve picked up from references here and there, the same is true about a theme park.


  3. Rachel

    Maureen, YES! I am giggling now just thinking of Simon Illyan saying, “Oh, I do hope no one was hurt.”

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