Reminds me of Mark’s turning ImpSec HQ into a hotel

Seriously, a hilariously terrible idea that I spotted over at

What kinds of rides / shows / displays / hotels do you suppose you would find in this particular theme park? Do you even want to speculate?

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3 thoughts on “Reminds me of Mark’s turning ImpSec HQ into a hotel”

  1. It’s a toss-up between the theme park and the Hunger-Games-themed Subway sandwiches. (No, seriously.)

    In other news, now I want to reread Captain Vorpatril! The ImpSec part was possibly my favorite section of the whole book.

  2. OK, I’ve never read the books. But just from the title alone, I am having trouble coming up with a less suitable reference for themed fast food meals.

    And from what I’ve picked up from references here and there, the same is true about a theme park.


  3. Maureen, YES! I am giggling now just thinking of Simon Illyan saying, “Oh, I do hope no one was hurt.”

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