Nice review of Lord of the Changing Wind –

Over at Fantasy Reads.

Hey, does Kes have Asperger’s syndrome? I never thought of that, just of making her very introverted. It’s an interesting suggestion.

Plus, chalk one up in the “loves the names” column. Yay! I may never use such complicated names again because the people in that column are pretty thoroughly outnumbered.

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2 thoughts on “Nice review of Lord of the Changing Wind –”

  1. I live in Silicon Valley which has been claimed to be Asperger’s central and she doesn’t strike me that way. Just an introverted thoughtful person. At least as a human, once she becomes fully a fire mage she’s rather different.

  2. Interesting review. Maybe I’m not remembering correctly, because it’s been a while since I read “Lord of the Changing Wind,” but I don’t remember thinking Kes seemed super timid or passive… She just seemed very much herself, regardless of what society expected.

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