Books moving up on my wishlist: Mark Newton’s Drakenfeld

So, remember this post on grimdark fantasy by Mark Charan Newton?

This is the one where Newton says:

“Gritty has almost become a sub-genre. Isn’t that weird, when you think about it? That readers, publishers and authors have started talking about violence (and other Bad Things) as a definable, marketable sub-genre? In fiction, here was a kind of unconscious creep. Readers and reviewers … seemed to suggest that increasing violence had become a symbol of good writing in fantasy fiction…”

And yes, it is weird. Also disturbing. Not to mention, you know, completely misguided.

And, as you may recall, this was one of the trends that Newton was reacting to, or against, when he wrote DRAKONFELD: “Lucan Drakenfeld is someone who, at heart, abhors violence. He is cerebral. He’s polite. He doesn’t have a fascination with heaving bosoms. He’s nowhere near as tough as his female bodyguard. But most importantly, he will always think before hitting someone with a sword.”

Anyway, if you don’t recall the post, or didn’t click through the first time I posted a link, you might do so now. Especially because of all the Bill Murray graphic illustrations.

But! The point is, if you were interested but didn’t rush out to buy his book after reading Newton’s post — and I got only so far as to rush out and add it to my wishlist — then you may like to glance at Ana’s review of DRAKONFELD over at The Book Smugglers.

DRAKONFELD is a locked-room murder mystery set in a Roman-inspired secondary world — sounds good so far, right? In fact, I am strongly reminded of Gillian Bradshaw’s RENDER UNTO CAESAR by some aspects of the plot description.

Anyway, Ana’s review definitely makes me shift it upward on my wishlist. But it may be some time — like, February, I’m guessing — before I have time to really whittle down my TBR pile, much less my wishlist. If any of you happen to read this one before I do, please drop me a line and let me know what you think!

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5 thoughts on “Books moving up on my wishlist: Mark Newton’s Drakenfeld”

  1. It’s only spottily available in the US, since he’s published first in Britain, I believe. Even Amazon doesn’t really have it.

  2. Well, that’s fine for me, since it can just sit on my wishlist for a while, until it is really and truly on shelves. But oops, I didn’t realize it wasn’t quiiite out.

  3. That Drakenfeld description SO reminds me of Bren Cameron of Cherryh’s Foreigner series ^^ – a good comparison in my book and might make me pick up a book by a male author.

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