Ooh! A cool infographic! What species of reader are you?

I got this link from Chachic.

It’s an infographic which sets up a “taxonomy” of book lovers — and book haters.

Me, I’m not a “book horder”, because even though I have way, way (way) more books than I have time to read, I also give away tons of books, so I think that keeps me out of hoarder territory.

I’m kind of a “book preserver”, but not as much as I used to be.

If I had to pick just one “species” for myself, it’d be the “immersive” reader; one of the more alien species to me is the “multitasker”; but I think definitely the funniest category is the “show-off”.

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2 thoughts on “Ooh! A cool infographic! What species of reader are you?”

  1. Preserver, Free range, omnivore. I can’t stand marked up books, the markups are seriously distracting. Signs of use (dog-eared pages, etc.) are ok.

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