Cover reveal —

No, not for my BLACK DOG; I’ve only seen a (fantastic) image that the artist or cover designer is using as inspiration, so no sketches have yet come my way. Definitely not an actual cover!

But I noticed this on Twitter this morning and thought I’d share:

You may remember I mentioned this one? It’s the one where Merrie Haskell has exactly one character on stage for about a third of the book? This unusual structure actually gives the story a kick upward in intensity even though the actual narration is day-to-day.

This is the first book I ever read the rough draft of before the final version appears on shelves (other than mine, obviously), and I kind of seem to be feeling a bit proprietary or something about it. I’m certainly very interested in how the final version turns out compared to the polished-but-not-finalized version I saw.

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