September buys —

Cold Magic, Cold Fire, and Cold Steel by Kate Elliot. I know, I was not exactly fast off the mark in picking up Cold Steel, but since I hadn’t read the first couple, I didn’t feel much need to rush out and grab the third. However, I now have the complete trilogy. Or I will when I get home and turn on my Kindle’s internet connection.

Now that I have bought this trilogy on Kindle, though, I sort of regret not buying the paper copies. Because those covers are really pretty.

All that swirly stuff going on is very nice. I’d have turned one of these face-out on my shelves to display the cover, but I guess now I won’t.

So, if I picked up the Cold Magic trilogy late, what is the single title I picked up the earliest?

Royal Airs by Sharon Shinn doesn’t come out till early November. But since I was on a just-go-on-and-pick-em-up kick today, I pre-ordered this one as well. It makes no difference to me that it’s not coming out till November, since that’s roughly when I expect to have time to read again anyway.

I also now own Snow-Kissed by Laura Florand, which is short so maybe I will read it fairly soon. Especially since it is contemporary and that doesn’t jar me as much as a fantasy title when I’m trying to work on something of my own.

And The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater, which is not short and also part of an unfinished series, so there’s no rush there, but I picked it up anyway.

And The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson, which I KNOW, I was slow to pick this one up also, but I haven’t even read the second book yet! Soon, I hope, which means this year rather than next year — maybe.

And Shadows by Robin McKinley, which I might drop everything and read, because hey, McKinley. I mean, one must have priorities, right?

Added to Wishlist: The contemporary Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Dollar, because Chachic‘s description made it sound good; Book of Iron by Elizabeth Bear because it sounds intriguing and I want to read more by Bear, Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch because someday I really must find out how he gets his protagonist out of that corner he’s painted him into; and The Thousand Names by Django Wexler because the characters sound like they would appeal to me, it’s military fantasy which I sometimes really like — I’ve seen the term “flintlock fantasy,” which is a great name for a subgenre — and it’s picking up great reviews.

I don’t feel a serious need to pick up any of that list right this very minute, though. My TBR shelves are not exactly running low.

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  1. Hi, Chachic — the first book, Troubled Waters, was a “comfort read” for me the very first time I read it — which is pretty unusual. So I’m definitely looking forward to the second book!

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