Not your typical personality types

Hey, if you didn’t have enough fun picking your Harry Potter Myers-Briggs twin, then you MUST check out where you stand in the SFF/Gamer’s Myers-Briggs world.

Are you an Evil Overlord? (ENTJ)

A Mad Scientist? (ENTP)

Of course you know I’m an INTJ: “INTJs are often baffled by the strange and incomprehensible recreational activities of other people . . . INTJs don’t have relationships — they may, however, build their own friends.”

This is a must-read. Truly. Put your coffee down so you don’t spit on the keyboard, and click through.

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3 thoughts on “Not your typical personality types”

  1. Conspiracy Theorist, which is…hideously true. (Doesn’t help that my dad was pretty much a full-blown one and therefore I have to remind myself on a frequent basis that everyone in government is not lying all the time.)

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