Two books I most want to read / am most fervently putting off reading


I don’t think I even have these formally on my wishlist. Because the chance I’ll forget about them is zero.

When I feel prepared for something emotionally hardcore, I will reach for one of these.

In the meantime, I appreciate reviews like this one by Liz Bourke, which sing their praises without spoiling the books.

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7 thoughts on “Two books I most want to read / am most fervently putting off reading”

  1. Although she gives Julie’s FULL NAME. *clutches head* I mean, it’s not a major plot point, but the moment when she finally gives her name is, IMO, one of the most powerful in the whole book and I was a bit taken aback to see it in the review. I mean, the book’s been out for a year, it’s public knowledge, but still.

    Otherwise, very very lovely, and of course I approve. And cry a little more, because that’s what these books do to me. (Probably not the thing to say to someone who hasn’t read them yet. Oh well.)

  2. Well, I didn’t notice Julie’s full name, and I guess that’s a good thing! I think if you don’t know it’s important, maybe you aren’t likely to notice it in the review?

    I do look forward to these, but I will definitely have a box of kleenix handy when I finally read them.

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the column. (I wouldn’t call it a review, myself. Too heavy on my FEELINGS. *g*)

    I have a very great deal more to say about those books, but SWM isn’t really the place for a detailed examination, not when Rose Under Fire hasn’t been out for a year yet.

  4. Hi, LIz — true, not really a review, but perfect for building anticipation for those of us who haven’t read the books yet!

  5. Oh, Estara, ROSE is wonderful! I mean, gut-wrenchingly horrifying and sad, but if anyone can make beauty of it, it’s Wein. And she does, somehow, without minimizing the awfulness of what happened. (Of course make the decisions you need to, which hopefully goes without saying but thought I’d say it anyway.)

  6. So many feelings!

    I second Maureen E., although I think the diarist-retrospective doesn’t work as well for RUF as it does for CNV. It is… less masterfully executed. But very well done, nonetheless. *g*

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