September releases —

I’m piggybacking on Chachic’s post here, but just wanted to remind you all that The Dream Thieves and McKinley’s new book Shadows are out this month — among other titles!

A new McKinley! Yay! You wouldn’t want to forget, right?

UPDATE: Another September list to blatantly steal, from By Singing Light. September is looking scary for book budgets everywhere.

I’ve never read anything by Holly Black. Maybe she is another author I really need to try?

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4 thoughts on “September releases —”

  1. And just in case anyone hasn’t heard, Barbary Hambly has a new James Asher novel coming out in November: The Kindred of Darkness. :-)

  2. Oh, really? Yay! No, I hadn’t heard, and I’ll keep going with this series as long as she keeps writing them.

  3. Oh, new Sept release to add to the list! I just learned that Martha Wells has a Star Wars tie-in novel coming out. I know, I know, a tie-in! But I have added it to my wishlist because hey, Martha Wells, right?

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