An interview with Marko Kloos —

Whose first self-published novel, TERMS OF ENLISTMENT, is definitely one you should look up if you happen to like military SF. You may possibly recall that I commented on it here, and that I found the writing topnotch, the story good, and the characterization simple but suited to the story. I hadn’t known, though, just how well this title did on Amazon when Kloos brought it out!

Okay, so. This interview is excellent for showing the perspective of someone who succeeded at self-publishing, and draws out some of the factors that lead to success.

I definitely agree with Kloos that the Try A Sample function at Amazon is a great boon to writers, even more so than for readers. I would not have risked buying a self-pubbed novel without a strong recommendation from someone I trust, and since the bloggers I mostly follow don’t read military SF (as far as I’m aware, anyway), I didn’t have such a review to encourage me to give Kloos’ book a try. But with the Try A Sample button, giving it a look was risk-free.

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