A different kind of periodic table —

Not sure whether this “Periodic Table” is periodic in any sense whatsoever, but it’s fun, even if you’re not closely following The Game of Thrones.

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2 thoughts on “A different kind of periodic table —”

  1. Without even following the link (read book 1 & stopped), I am reminded of the Andrew Plotkin’s Periodic Table of Desserts. http://www.eblong.com/zarf/periodic/

    Seems like something you’d enjoy.

    His notes show chemical structure, and he made an effort to be reasonably periodic. Starts with sugars on the left. finishes with things like little silver balls & sprinkles on the right horizontal. Flavors also are there.

  2. I love it! Though I’d like to know his reasoning for including salt in the cinnamon family.

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