Two very brief updates —

If you’ve been wondering, or even if you haven’t:

1. I’ve written just over 30,000 words since the middle of June, doubling the length of my WIP, which is now (I hope) half done. Assuming I go to 120,000 and then cut it back a bit. So, progress, yay!

2. I’ve listened to six hours of Connie Willis’ TO SAY NOTHING OF THE DOG, which is entertaining, but somehow not super engaging (for me). I think if you’re a Wodehouse fan — I’m not, particularly, except on an intellectual level — you would love this book. It is much (much) easier to keep track of than BLACK OUT / ALL CLEAR, because there’s just one protagonist and just one main storyline, so as far as that goes it’s fine to listen to an hour or two at a time.

It really is a good idea to read THREE MEN AND A DOG by J. Jerome first, btw.

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2 thoughts on “Two very brief updates —”

  1. How is THREE MEN IN A BOAT? It’s supposed to be a comic classic, but my experience with those has been mixed.

  2. It’s funny — in a Bertie Wooster sort of way! *I* would sure not choose to go boating with any of those guys.

    The dog, on the other hand, would be fine.

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