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Posts about how she sold her first book.

Also, she mentions Steven Gould’s JUMPER, a book I really enjoyed. Wasn’t there a not very great movie based on it? That then led him to write sequels that weren’t really contiguous with the first book? (I haven’t read them — if anybody has, can you comment on whether they’re worth reading?)

Anyway, I sympathize with this part: My hearing and my sinuses never quite recovered, but it gave me the ability to write under just about any conditions and ignore distractions. Makes me appreciate that the only thing usually distracting me is a zillion dogs suddenly wanting to go out / come in / have supper / have a biscuit / have their bellies rubbed / etc.

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  1. I’ve read JUMPER and I really like it. REFLEX and IMPULSE are sequels that ignore the film. Haven’t read them, but one thing I’ve read that people don’t like is that some additional characters inexplicably gain the ability to teleport as well.

    The issue with the film as far as I know is that they kept the teleportation issue and changed just about everything else (the first novel is about a guy whose father beats him and him struggling to find a life. The movie is an action/conspiracy flick).

    JUMPER:GRIFFIN’S STORY is a backstory for a character from the film. It has no continuity with the novels listed above.

  2. Thanks for laying that out, David. I think I’m a lot more interested in REFLEX and IMPULSE than the things based on the movie.

    I’m not sure it’s a problem for me that other people suddenly become able to teleport, since we have absolutely no explanation for why the main character suddenly became able to teleport in the first place. No explanation at all = whatever the author wants to do is probably okay.

  3. I remember liking REFLEX well enough (and the new teleporter didn’t bother me at all), though it wasn’t near as good as JUMPER (which was one of my favorites for a teenager and one I still occasionally go back and read). IMPULSE just came out recently and I’ve got it in my TBR pile. I don’t know how the movie tie-in is, but I’ve been curious…

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