Oh, the rest of the epic fantasy lists —

Naturally these have been there all week, but of course it took me forever to notice. Anyway! If you’re curious:

Liz Bourke’s list: The epic list of epicness. Of which I have read . . . drumroll — six! That’s right, only six, even counting tLofR movies as one even though Liz specifically mentioned the movies and not the books.

Which, it is indeed an epic set of movies. Every time anybody mentions it, I want to go re-watch that early scene when the Black Riders ride into Bree and slash up the pillows — very scary! Lots of great scenes. I actually got a chill watching the beacon fires light up, when Minas Tirath was under attack? Anybody else struck by that scene?

But back to the books! I really, seriously need to try some of Elizabeth Bear’s titles. And I will! This year FOR SURE.

Tansy’s list I’ve read ten of these, and I think I basically agree with her choices, which kind of means I might want to look up the rest of them some time.

Jared’s list.

Of these, I think the funniest comment is: Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series (2005 – 2008): This is a terrible series, terribly written with terrible things to say. So, yes, I’m trolling everyone, Twilight fans and epic fantasy readers alike. But, this is an epic fantasy told from the non-Chosen One point of view. Bella is the bride/reward, not the hero.

Hah! I haven’t read these and I don’t plan to; at this point I’ve read enough ABOUT them that I doubt I’d see anything in them that I haven’t already been told to expect. Plus, life is short, why read books that aren’t actually good?

I’ve read thirteen of the books on Jared’s list. Do you agree that The Sandman graphic novel series is okay to include? Does that work for you as an example of epic fantasy? I loved it, but I’m not sure it seems like a legitimate choice to me. Definitely more so than a nonfiction book of essays, though.

And finally, Justin’s list.

I’ve read twelve of these. Let me just add here that I think The First Law series by Abercrombie is clearly grimdark fantasy, which appeared on several of these lists, is to me the evil twin of epic fantasy and not the same thing. But I can see how it might instead be seen as off at the far end of some sort of axis of grimness, rather than a separate category.

Other random comments: I would have liked to see more books by Martha Wells appearing on these lists. Good to see THE WHEEL OF THE INFINITE on Liz Bourke’s list! Although I’ve read relatively few of the books Liz chose, the ones I HAVE read that she picked make me want to look up the rest.

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