A really, really, really complete list of SFF subgenres —

Over here.

It’s interesting. It’s also specifically meant as a marketing device to help people find books that would appeal to them. But — I wonder — I like sorting and categorizing stuff because I’m that kind of person, so I like lists of subgenres just as lists. But for marketing?

I would not normally click on “ghosts” to search for a story about ghosts, because I am not specifically interested in ghosts stories. Yet, if I read a great review about a story with ghosts at a book blogger’s site — Fantasy Book CafĂ©, or The Book Smugglers, or Bunbury in the Stacks, or wherever — then I would be interested in THAT ghost story.

Speaking of which, remember that the sequel to A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT is coming out any time! I can’t wait!

But back to the idea of subgenres — I would never, ever have found out about A CERTAIN SLANT because I was searching for a particular fantasy subgenre. As a marketing device . . . I think that is beyond limited, and into self-defeating.

But the list is still interesting for its own sake.

Though I notice that grimdark is not on there. I really do feel that is a separate, distinct category — not the same as dark fantasy. So it’s not really completely complete.

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