Coincidence? Or a dangerous sign for the future?

You know, I got my Kindle in March? Well, I bought six books in January, six in February, 30 in March, and 30 in April. Kind of scary, isn’t it?

In March, I bought 14 books in paper and 16 in e-format.

In April I bought 12 books in paper and 18 in e-format. Oh, and six audio, because I need to eventually use up my Audible credits plus they had a sale. So that’s really 36 books in April. Heaven knows how long it will take me to listen to the audible books. The next major road trip coming up is in July, but I plan to listen to audible books while weeding this summer. (If we ever get a summer, which at this point is not looking like it’s ever going to happen.)

ANYway, it’s terrible. All these books! I see these great recommendations over at Bunbury in the Stacks or Fantasy Book Café or Chachic’s Book Nook or whatever, and then it turns out the book is an absolute steal in Kindle format, and there you go. Add that to the authors I love who come out with new books which I just have to get in paper. It all adds up.

In case you’re interested:

April acquisitions, in paper format:

Blackout, by Myra Grant, because it’s nominated for the Hugo and I have the first two anyway.
The Lost Gate (Orson Scott Card)
The Bones of the Old Ones (Jones)
Blood of Dragons (Hobb) — I have the others in this series, so naturally I must see how she finishes it.
Protector (Cherryh)
Froi of the Exiles (Marchetta) — turns out I don’t have the first one, though, so I really need to get that before I read this one.
I Hunt Killers (Barry Lyga)
Snake Agent (Liz Williams)
Steel’s Edge (Ilona Andrews) — because, hey, Ilona Andrews, right?
Sword Dancer / Sword Singer (Jennifer Roberson)
Elfland (Freda Warrington)

And in Kindle format:

Katya’s World (Jonathon Howard)
Emilie and the Hollow World (Wells)
The Chocolate Thief (Florand)
Terms of Enlistment (Kloos)
Crown Duel (Duology) (Sherwood Smith)
A Stranger to Command (Smith)
Stolen Magic (Stephanie Burgis)
Stealing the Elf-King’s Roses(Duane)
A Wind from the South (Duane)
Hollowland (Hocking) — time to try one by Hocking, I decided
The Secret Countess (Ibbotson)
Writing Down the Dragon (Tom Simon)
Stargate Atlantis: Entanglement (Wells)
Stargate Atlantis: Reliquary
Shadow Unit 1 (Emma Bull et al)
Shadow Unit 2
The Spark (Bigelow)
The Three Languages of Politics (Arnold Kling) — the only nonfiction title on the list.

And in Audible format:

False Colours by Georgette Heyer
Dark and Stormy Knights — a short story UF collection with lots of authors I like
A Beautiful Friendship (David Weber)
Warm Bodies (Isaac Marion)
The Blood of Flowers (Anita Amirrezvani)
To Say Nothing of the Dog (Connie Willis) — amazingly long, so I guess maybe this one will work for weeding all summer?

I can’t even tell you which titles I’m most excited about. I mean, lots of them.

I can tell you, though, that I MUST whittle down my paper TBR pile before I open my Kindle again!

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4 thoughts on “Coincidence? Or a dangerous sign for the future?”

  1. Been there! chortle.

    Isn’t the Duane title STEALING THE ELF-KING’S *ROSES*? Have you read other Diane Duane? I liked the first couple of her Young Wizards, but she lost me around book 3.

    That’s quite an assortment over all. And, as if you need more, I see Andrea Host (author of AND ALL THE STARS) has a new one out. I’m told the Willis is more fun if you’ve read 3 MEN IN A BOAT, by the way. I haven’t read either, as I realized Willis gave me the same sensation as Spielberg movies (this is not a compliment) so I haven’t read her later novels. Short stories are better.

  2. Actually, you have *two* nonfiction books on your list: WRITING DOWN THE DRAGON is Tom Simon’s set of essays about Tolkien.

  3. Yes, Roses, I’ll go correct that. And actually I felt the same way about the Young Wizards series, but these two novels were offered in a good sale on her website, so I picked them up. I hope I really like them; at her best, Duane can be really good!

    I’ve got another trilogy by Host on my Kindle; if I like that even half as well as AND ALL THE STARS, I’ll definitely be picking up her entire backlist.

    And I guess perhaps I should read 3 MEN IN A BOAT before I listen to the long, long, long TO SAY NOTHING OF THE DOG. I did enjoy BLACK OUT / ALL CLEAR, and I found BELLWETHER really funny and enjoyable.

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