In other news . . . yeah, a little distracted this weekend. Showing, you know! I’m happy to say that both my teenagers, Folly and Giedre, qualified in Rally Novice last night and this morning. Yay! I have barely worked with Giedre especially, but she’s done just fine so far, with scores of 91 today and 93 yesterday. Folly is more a natural for obedience, with clean straight sits and fast responses, so she’s earned High in Rally both days (scores of 94 both days, if I remember correctly). Once more tomorrow morning and they’ll both have their first titles! Here’s hoping I don’t walk past a sign or anything stupid like that. I’ll try to remember to have someone take a picture tomorrow, but you do focus on what you’re doing and forget other things.

Meanwhile, the breed ring awaits this afternoon! I don’t expect either youngster to do much of anything; Folly is a very young looking sixteen-month old who really needs to gain a few pounds, and though Giedre’s bite has improved, it is still under. Many judges will just send you to the back of the line for an underbite even if your puppy is otherwise outstanding — which she is.

And! Since I haven’t taken any pictures of my girls at this show, let me just add a current picture of my baby:

Honey at eight weeks

Honey looks just as nice as Giedre, except HER bite is good. Of course she does have that kiss mark down on her muzzle, but hardly any judge will care much about that. Worse, she is plainly going to show some white in her sclera in one eye. In Cavaliers, we prefer pigmented sclera in both eyes. Well, well, cosmetic failings, what can I say. Her structure looks excellent and her personality is engaging. She’ll be old enough to show this fall, I hope some judges will look past the white sclera to see her overall quality.

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  1. Cue coo. :-) I assume those scores are out of a top of 100? congratulations
    I’m rereading LORd OF THE Changing WINDS, BTW (we’re on vacation) and KT is very hard to put down.
    (But not feeling much love for the borrowed tablet I’m keeping up communications with.)

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