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Over at Fantasy Book Cafe.

My picks for top-five-best-ever female SFF writers, plus five runners-up. Both of those lists are very subjective, of course. Plus I included a list of five newer authors I think are definitely going to be hitting everybody’s best-ever lists in a few years, if they just keep writing.

What I regret: I didn’t think to include a category of five best-ever-female-authors-you’ve-never-heard-of. I’m not sure who I would have put on that list, but I’d have had fun looking through my library! Margaret Mahy, maybe. Doris Egan? I really loved her GATE OF IVORY trilogy. Maybe I’ll give that some thought.

Oh! And what about a top-five list of female protagonists written by male authors? Wouldn’t that be interesting? Off the top of my head, I would probably include BJ Vaughan in Nick O’Donohoe’s THE MAGIC AND THE HEALING. And Candy from EMERGENCE by David Palmer.

Anyway — check out my post! Tomorrow it’s Deb Coates’ turn over at Fantasy Book Cafe, btw. Author of WIDE OPEN, you may remember? I have her second book, DEEP DOWN, out on my living room table now. Got it in paper because I do love those blurry covers. I’ve been hearing great things about it and definitely want to get to it soon!

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