Puppy cuteness overload

She spots a potential victim
The attack!
Pressing her advantage

It always amazes me how fast puppies develop. Last week this puppy was barely on her feet — now she can bounce around like anything. Same with playtime: a week ago, five minutes out in the living room wore her out and then she crashed for five hours or so. Now it takes half an hour to wear her out, and she’s up again in two hours or so. In just one week!

She mostly wants to play with her mother, which is only barely satisfactory, as Kenya is not very playful. Single puppies are at such a disadvantage! Of course, I play with her. She thinks of me as “hands” and “feet”. She is so surprised when I put my face down to her level — she growls and backs away from this enormous strange not-dog person. Then she edges forward and bumps me with her nose. Next week she will not just be climbing into my lap, but licking my nose.

Soon she will be able to keep up with the teenagers a bit better and she will switch her focus to them. I do hope Folly and Giedre make room in their duo for a little sister. Maybe I’ll send one of my teens to stay with friends for a few weeks to help the other bond to the baby.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to name this baby Anara Honeysuckle Rose, btw. And, yes, I will probably call her Honey.

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