So is a ComicCon like a normal SF Con?

Or is “normal” an iffy word for these things anyway?

I know Comic Cons are supposed to draw really huge numbers, but the one this weekend in St Louis will be the first I’ve ever attended. Stan Lee is supposed to be there, I expect he’ll be a huge, huge draw. I think there are supposed to be upwards of 40,000 people registered to attend?

I’m going because an Indie bookstore, Left Bank Books, is setting up a booth and arranging for local authors to be there for signings and panels. I normally hate signings, but Left Bank seems to think there will be enough interest from Comic Con attendees to make it worthwhile. I’ll be there on both Saturday and Sunday for signings. And I will definitely enjoy the panel — I’m on one at 11:00 AM Sunday, on compelling writing.

I’m also sure it’ll be fun because I know some of the other people who will be there. Sharon Shinn and I plan to meet and drive to the convention center together, that’ll be fun, it’s been a long time since I really got to talk to her. I love her books — you might have noticed — and I’m sure it’d be okay with her if I just mention that there will be a sequel to TROUBLED WATERS coming out this fall. I’m really pleased about that because TROUBLED WATERS became an instant comfort-read for me when it came out.

And I’m acquainted with Mark Tiedemann and Angie Fox, because they both frequently attend Archon, the St Louis SF convention. Laurell Hamilton will also be there; I’m sure she’ll be the most popular author attending — at least via a Left Bank Books invite — I’ve never met her, though. I used to like her Anita Blake series, but I admit I quit reading that series about twelve books ago.

Anyway — looks a fun, busy, and extremely crowded weekend. 40,000 attendees! I am definitely nervous about the parking situation.

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3 thoughts on “So is a ComicCon like a normal SF Con?”

  1. I have no experience with or advice on cons to offer, but how did you know that I was thinking about rereading TROUBLED WATERS last night? (I ended up finishing Kit Whitfield’s IN GREAT WATERS instead, which I didn’t like nearly as much.) A sequel is great news!

  2. I liked IN GREAT WATERS . . . but it was kind of an intellectual appreciation of what Whitfield was doing, rather than actually getting into the story as such. TROUBLED WATERS is instead the sort of book that you naturally reach for on a chilly evening when you don’t feel like reading something new and just want to relax.

  3. That’s a pretty accurate summary of my feelings toward IN GREAT WATERS. I never really felt an emotional connection to the characters or the story. And I’m not quite sure I believed the absolute necessity of a deepsman alliance for most European nations–maybe if we’d seen more interaction between landsmen and Whistle’s tribe at the beginning?

    Whereas I just liked TROUBLED WATERS’ character as people, and wanted to spend time with them.

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