So, this Kickstarter thing is kind of fun —

I’d meant to look at the Kickstarter website for some time, but only remembered to actually check it out because of this twitter announcement that Judith Tarr was doing a Kickstarter fundraiser for a new space opera.

I like Tarr’s historical fantasy, especially LORD OF THE TWO LANDS, so I thought, well, why not, and backed the project. Which made its goal in about 48 hours. Pretty snazzy. Interesting to look over the “publishing” entries at Kickstarter; so many look painfully amateurish and then you get Tarr. And her book funds instantly. A fascinating look at (a possible) future of (some) publishing, isnt’ it?

And not just books. Because then I saw this announcement, also on twitter, for a Veronica Mars movie. I watch so little tv and so few movies, it’s not even funny (I’m always reading books instead, okay?). But as it happens I did watch and really liked the first season of Veronica Mars. So . . . why not? And poof, that project funded instantly, too, which is pretty impressive because I guess it had maybe the highest funding goal of any Kickstarter project ever? Two million, anyway, which is not pocket change.

It’s oddly satisfying to back a project and see it fund. I can see I’ll be back to look at Kickstarter again, even without being prompted by Twitter. Though that three-d pen that “writes in the air” . . . not sure I believe in it.

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