Here’s Strange Chemistry’s announcement of my paranormal — with a fairly detailed back-cover type of description.

Click over to take a look.

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9 thoughts on “About BLACK DOG —”

  1. Wow, exciting!

    Sounds like it will have a stronger romance element than most of your previous books–is that accurate? I’m curious how that developed; was it a conscious choice to fit more into the paranormal genre, or was it more organic in the development of the story? (This may be a spoilery question…)

  2. I think you’ll find it light on romance compared to paranormals in general, but I did actually emphasize the romance on purpose a little, because of the subgenre. And I expect to bring out the romance still more in the second book, too. That’ll be different for me!

  3. Isn’t marketing strange? The back cover copy would not punch my ‘gottohave’ button, but I know I’ll buy the books when they come out.

    P.s. lots of black dogs in Coates’ DEEP DOWN, which I just finished.

  4. Congratulations! It sounds most intriguing….

    (and kind off topic, but doggish–your author picture reminded me that a favorite book of mine features a Cavalier King Charles spaniel–Listen to the Nightingale, by Rumer Godden. Just in case you needed a book for younger readers combining ballet and a spaniel….)

  5. That copy would not make ME want to read it either — but reading the first few pages would change my mind. But I am not a huge huge huge fan of paranormals, so copy meant to appeal to readers who particularly love paranomals is not likely to really appeal to me.

  6. I love, love, love Rumer Godden — but you’re the first other person I’ve ever seen mention her name! I haven’t read this book by her, though I made a real effort to pick up all of her books some years ago. I sort of parcel them out, reading one every now and then, because I’ll be sad when I’ve read them all. My favorite so far is THURSDAY’S CHILDREN — or maybe IN THIS HOUSE OF BREDE. But I will definitely pull out LISTEN TO THE NIGHTINGALE and read that next.

  7. A Rumer Godden book I hadn’t heard of! I must go find a copy.

    My favorite of hers is probably BREDE, but I’m very fond of EPISODE OF SPARROWS, and CHINA COURT & how she handles time in it fascinates me. But everything she wrote is well worth reading.

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