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Here’s Strange Chemistry’s announcement of my paranormal — with a fairly detailed back-cover type of description.

Click over to take a look.

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9 Comments About BLACK DOG —

  1. Mary Beth

    Wow, exciting!

    Sounds like it will have a stronger romance element than most of your previous books–is that accurate? I’m curious how that developed; was it a conscious choice to fit more into the paranormal genre, or was it more organic in the development of the story? (This may be a spoilery question…)

  2. Rachel

    I think you’ll find it light on romance compared to paranormals in general, but I did actually emphasize the romance on purpose a little, because of the subgenre. And I expect to bring out the romance still more in the second book, too. That’ll be different for me!

  3. Elaine T

    Isn’t marketing strange? The back cover copy would not punch my ‘gottohave’ button, but I know I’ll buy the books when they come out.

    P.s. lots of black dogs in Coates’ DEEP DOWN, which I just finished.

  4. Charlotte

    Congratulations! It sounds most intriguing….

    (and kind off topic, but doggish–your author picture reminded me that a favorite book of mine features a Cavalier King Charles spaniel–Listen to the Nightingale, by Rumer Godden. Just in case you needed a book for younger readers combining ballet and a spaniel….)

  5. Rachel

    That copy would not make ME want to read it either — but reading the first few pages would change my mind. But I am not a huge huge huge fan of paranormals, so copy meant to appeal to readers who particularly love paranomals is not likely to really appeal to me.

  6. Rachel

    I love, love, love Rumer Godden — but you’re the first other person I’ve ever seen mention her name! I haven’t read this book by her, though I made a real effort to pick up all of her books some years ago. I sort of parcel them out, reading one every now and then, because I’ll be sad when I’ve read them all. My favorite so far is THURSDAY’S CHILDREN — or maybe IN THIS HOUSE OF BREDE. But I will definitely pull out LISTEN TO THE NIGHTINGALE and read that next.

  7. Elaine T

    A Rumer Godden book I hadn’t heard of! I must go find a copy.

    My favorite of hers is probably BREDE, but I’m very fond of EPISODE OF SPARROWS, and CHINA COURT & how she handles time in it fascinates me. But everything she wrote is well worth reading.

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