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Anew review of LAND OF THE BURNING SANDS, from Heidi over at Bunbury in the Stacks.

Always a pleasure to see a nice review of one of my books at a blog that’s one of my regular stops in the blogosphere. It was Heidi’s review more than any other which made me want to read Andrea Höst’s AND ALL THE STARS, for example.

It’s fascinating to see everyone’s different take on the Griffin Mage trilogy. Those are the ones that get the most variable responses. I’ll be watching with interest to see what Heidi thinks of EARTH. If I had to pick one, though, SANDS is definitely my favorite of the trilogy. Out of curiosity, which one was your favorite?

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8 thoughts on “This is nice to see —”

  1. There’s a certain amount of ‘which one did I last read’? to my instant answer. With more thought I think it’s a toss up between LAND and EARTH. I respect the Griffin Mage but what he does to Kes takes her too far away from humanity. in LAND we have Tehre, whom I love, she reminds me so much of people I know, and Geraint. EARTH, expands the possibilities again and solves a huge problem in a perfectly right, but unguessable (to me) way until it was done, and then, how could it have been otherwise?

  2. Awe, thanks for the review love, Rachel! Also really happy to hear I made you want to read And All the Stars, because it was oh so unique and wonderful. I hope to be reading Earth soon! So far, I think Sands is my favorite of the three books of yours that I’ve read–I just love both Tehre and Geraint so much, and I LOVE that ‘oh noes, there’s no way out of this that’s going to be okay’ feeling to be trumped by an option I didn’t even see available.

  3. LAND OF THE BURNING SANDS is my favorite, too.

    What I want to see is a review by somebody who reads them in the order 2, 1, 3. I think that would work pretty well — you know the biggest thing about how WINDS ends, but there’s still a significant surprise waiting for you — but it would be nice to get an objective view.

  4. Hi, Heidi — you know, I actually worried while writing SANDS that the ending would be too obvious, but in retrospect it’s clear I only felt that way because I had that solution in mind from the beginning. No one has ever complained about seeing Tehre’s solution coming! I hope you’ll also like the way EARTH ends.

    And yes, AND ALL THE STARS was a real find!

  5. EARTH is my favourite. I loved Mienthe and Tan, and it was great to revisit so many of the characters from WINDS and SANDS and see their storylines wrapped up so satisfactorily.

  6. Right from the beginning, I was determined to get Beguchren and Gereint and Tehre back into the third book! And yes, I must admit, I also love Mienthe and Tan.

  7. Another data point: The resident teenager likes LORD best. She really likes Kes and the griffins.

  8. Good! She makes two readers I know of who like that one best — and since I’m rather fond of it myself, I’m always glad when it gets a vote.

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