My new Kindle hasn’t even arrived —

And already I’ve bought a dozen books! Wow, this is so easy! (The books are going on my phone for now, btw; in theory I COULD read all ebooks on my phone and not get a Kindle, but — and I know opinions vary — after reading AND ALL THE STARS on my phone, I know I would prefer a bigger screen.)

Anyway! So far, I’ve got the Touchstone trilogy by Andrea Höst, plus the Medair duology. These were not at all expensive, I expect because Höst is self-published. Then I got the Ile-Rien trilogy by Martha Wells, also CITY OF BONES and ELEMENT OF FIRE. I need to see what of hers I have downstairs; I know I have DEATH OF THE NECROMANCER down there, but I might have more and I’m too lazy to go look right not. I’m pretty sure I will want to pick up the rest of hers in one form or another.

Then I got some books I’ve had my eye on for a while: ABOVE by Leah Bobet, THE BOY AT THE END OF THE WORLD by Greg van Eekhout, GRAVE MERCY by RL LaFevers. And CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, but don’t hold your breath for me to read that one. And JILL THE RECKLESS by Wodehouse — so, yes, I see there are quite a few good things that are free.

OH MY GOD I can see the TBR pile expanding before my eyes! It is becoming a monster!

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