I finally broke down —

And bought a Kindle. Am I going to love it? Please say yes.

I needed one with 3G connectivity, not just wi-fi, because I don’t have a router in my house. And I doubt very much whether my connection is ever good enough to stream anything. So, no Kindle Fire even though those do sound snazzy. But the read-to-me function sounds great, since who wants to stop in the middle of the chapter just to wash dishes, right? So I wound up getting a Kindle Keyboard, even though I think the Kindle Paperwhite is significantly more attractive. I hope I wind up liking the keyboard.

I had no idea there were so many different kinds of Kindles till I started seriously looking at them.

I don’t plan to load my new Kindle up with ten thousand books I won’t read, tempting though all those free books may be. No. It’s not a fair trial unless I load it up with a couple of dozen books I WILL read. I’ll just go through my wishlist and add a bunch. And things like Martha Wells’ backlist, stuff like that. That’ll be the fun part!

I can’t even imagine what this is going to do to my TBR pile. I think it will probably expand toward infinity. First World Problems, right?

Anyway! The Kindle is supposed to arrive Saturday. I am going to try to get this final revision of THE MOUNTAIN OF KEPT MEMORY done by then so I have nothing distracting me from the Kindle. Other than, you know, life.

The introvert/extrovert thing is plaguing me, I think, because here’s Caitlin: “Maybe you can go through the whole story and every time Oressa thinks about anything, decide whether she should react emotionally instead with self-control and logic.” And here’s me, reading through the manuscript: “But she DOES react emotionally! All the time!”

However, once more from the top and I’ll see if I can possibly put her heart more out there on her sleeve.

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8 thoughts on “I finally broke down —”

  1. I love the Kindle, even though I end up using the Kindle app on my iPhone FAR more than my old 2nd gen. Kindle. (Which I’m actually trying to give away to one of my sisters, but she won’t take it!)

    I’ve got 200-something books in my Kindle library, split mostly between free classics, free promotions, and books I really love and want to carry around with me. Often I’ll get an eBook for a reduced price, then buy the paper version as well because I like it so much. (That’s how I got started on THE CLOUD ROADS.) The best thing is when you finish an AWESOME book, and you want the sequel so badly–and lo and behold, it’s there for instant purchase and download on the Kindle! Why yes, I did start reading THE SERPENT SEA at 11 pm, five minutes after finishing THE CLOUD ROADS…

    It still doesn’t replace pre-ordering the hardcovers for authors I really love, but it’s a great way to discover new authors and get an instant fix of your favorites.

  2. I haven’t seen the latest version, but the Oressa I remember certainly did react to things emotionally.

    …says the introvert. :)

  3. I love mine, and I originally got the Kindle Keyboard. I gave myself the paperwhite for Christmas because I wanted the light, as I’m often reading in dimly lighted places. Never used the ‘read to me’ feature on the Keyboard, although sometimes used it for audio files.

    I use it for portable copies of books I really love so the hardcovers can stay home, (UNDER HEAVEN, I’m looking at you) for books I’m not sure I want to have to find shelf space for, but which I like (Deb Coates’ book) and to find new writers, like Andrea Host. I’d read one of her fantasies, CHAMPION OF THE ROSE, and was wondering about ALL THE STARS when your posting on it kicked me over the edge to buying. (The $0.99 price did help, too.)

    For the first time I’ve ordered both editions up front, for GGK’s next.

    I can’t relate as a writer, but I’ve certainly been in discussions about books where I’m seeing the character be emotional and others are complaining he is just a stick.

  4. I also have the Kindle keyboard. It is really nice. You should check out the Oberon site their leather covers are beautiful. PG Wodehouse has free books that I loaded up. My local library has Overdrive so you can borrow ebooks. Also check out amazons kindle books daily deal. I have picked up a few when they go on sale for 1.99. I still love my paperbooks/hardbacks.

  5. Maybe you could point out to Caitlin that you have a devoted following of introverted readers who will understand Oressa’s reactions without the need for revisions? But then again, perhaps you’d like some extroverted readers too? ;-)

  6. I’m going to give it a day or two before I decide No, really, it’s done — but honestly, I think Oressa is emotional enough! I guess I need to find a truly extroverted beta reader if I want an independent take from that alien viewpoint.

  7. tsk tsk tsk Rachel I will never give up holding a well worn tome in my hands. What would one do in a power outage? With a book one can read even by candlelight. Always keep a back up ;)

  8. Well, along with loading a dozen books to my Kindle, I bought another four books in paper. So . . . pretty sure I won’t run out of books in either format any time soon!

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