You’ve probably already seen this, right?

The magical baby tapir?

If not, you really must click through.

And this link did improve my day, actually. Especially with the captions added to the pictures.

The best line — as opposed to the cutest image — is the bit about “miracularious little sepia watermelons.” Tell me that doesn’t leave you smiling!

The phrase also makes me think about metaphors and similes and what works. I’m still listening to Terry Pratchett’s WINTERSMITH, and something I keep noticing is his use of brilliant metaphors. Unfortunately, since I’m listening to the book instead of reading it, it’s hard for me to remember specific examples. But there was a great line about how Tiffany hated closing the eyes of a dead person, because it was like killing them again.

Which is not nearly as cute as the sepia watermelon, but it was a great simile — that’ why it stuck with me.

Enjoy the baby tapir!

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