Okay, got some interesting free stuff available today —

No, not from me, but definitely worth a look:

If you, like me, are a fan of the Raksura trilogy by Martha Wells? Check this out. It’s a little Raksura short story, just to tide you over till the four novellas come out later this year. By then I should have a kindle, which should save me from having to read them on my phone!

Also, as you’ll see if you click over, Martha Wells is offering some giveaway ARCs for her newest book, a YA called Emilie and the Hollow World. I’m not entering the giveaway; ARCs are all very well, but honestly I would just as soon wait and pick this one up when it’s out for real. ARCs sometimes have typos, and I don’t mind waiting.

I have to admit, I haven’t actually READ any more of Wells’ backlist. But I have several on my actual for-real physical TBR shelves downstairs, so it’s just a matter of time. I don’t think she’s written YA before? I’m looking forward to EMILIE.

Okay, also! While we’re on the subject of exciting short stories available online today? Check this out, too, from Apex. I haven’t read it yet, but there’s a Patricia McKillip Patricia Wrede short story available there. Also a short story from Merrie Haskell — you might have read her book THE PRINCESS CURSE? I really enjoyed it, and I know she has a new book due out any time now.

Does anybody know how Apex works? I am surprised to find they’re posting their stories and articles free like this. I’m not ordinarily into short stories, but hey, exceptions abound, and I’m going to copy these to read later.


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4 thoughts on “Okay, got some interesting free stuff available today —”

  1. Yep, EMILIE sounds like the just the kind of story Wells would be great at, doesn’t it? After the Raksura trilogy, I’m sold on her worldbuilding and description. I’m really looking forward to it. AND to her whole backlist. I swear I will TRY to pick them all up this year. I’m thinking I will probaby get a kindle in the next month or so; that’ll give me a great set of books to load it up with.

    I admit I am . . . concerned . . . about the kind of infinite expansion of my TBR pile that a kindle will invite. But I think it’s a risk I’m going to have to take!

  2. The Wrede story was quite unlike her novels, and very chilling, very good.

    Didn’t see a McKillip.

    I don’t know how Apex works, other than what I just found out on their website. I’d guess they make enough on subscriptions to be able to afford the web presence.

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