Here’s something fun —

A parody of “The Hobbit.”

I didn’t really like the movie very much . . . for me, it was nothing like as good as “The Lord of the Rings.” It didn’t stick as closely to the book as I thought it should and Jackson changed details where he didn’t need to, in ways that hurt the story. IMO.

And that fighting retreat from the goblin lair was totally, ridiculously unbelievable.

Although I must admit that I was charmed all to pieces by the bunny sled. That made up for a lot.

But whether you liked the movie or not, I hope you will appreciate this parody!

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1 thought on “Here’s something fun —”

  1. That parody was delightful!

    I liked, didn’t love the movie. could have done without the stone giant scene, and the running across the plain was way too long. But I’m quite fond of the rabbits and their sleigh, and Radagast’s confidence in them.

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