Other people are probably busy for Christmas too —

But probably I am the ONLY PERSON in the whole world who is busy not because of Christmas per se, but because two of my girls came into season just in time for Christmas. Because I’m doing artificial inseminations for them, this means daily blood tests to measure progesterone and/or LH levels, so as to find the exact right day for breeding.

So! Kenya is done! She should hopefully be pregnant as of yesterday! Yay! But for Adora, I seriously need to drive to the repro clinic in St Louis . . . let’s see . . . the day before yesterday, yesterday, today (I’m there right now), Tuesday, and I’m guessing on Thursday and Saturday next week. (That’s an hour and a half one way.) You will notice that “Tuesday” is in fact Christmas Day. I have to say, the repro vet is on my Christmas cookie list for sure. Can you imagine disarranging your Christmas by coming in specially to do blood tests on somebody’s dog?

Three cheers for reproductive specialists who REALLY CARE about doing things right! The Christmas cookie plate I brought today has about 15 kinds of cookies on it. I should be able to bring a completely different assortment on Christmas Day, since I have lots of kinds of cookies frozen over at my mother’s house (my freezer is totally packed.)

Oh, hey, and update! Just this minute found out that Adora’s very first LH test came back positive. How about that? Now we can set the breeding dates with confidence and with no need after all to upset anybody’s Christmas plans. Amazing cooperation from Adora and the universe at large.

Okay! So, a little obsessive about the dog thing right now. But! I have indeed also revised MOUNTAIN and think I will send it to my agent again after Christmas — obviously no rush, can’t imagine she’d want it to day. After the dog thing calms down, late next week probably, I should be able to rack up the words on the new manuscript, which will be satisfying.

Can’t believe how fast this Christmas Break is going. Amazing. And I still need to test out one recipe for the cookie contest. Plus four kinds of my family’s favorite cookies are still waiting to be made, too.


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