Kind of a fun post over at Janet Reid’s blog —

You have to scroll down a bit to find the one I mean, though there are several interesting posts on the way which are worth reading, too. The one I mean starts off

“Imagine for a moment you are applying to be an extra in “The Hobbit”.
The casting director asks “what makes you special?”
Your answer: “I’m the only person available for the job.”

And then it goes from there, with an illustrative photo and a useful bit of advice: Don’t claim that your book is the only one ever written on the subject of, say, sandwich cookies, unless you KNOW FOR SURE THAT IS TRUE.

That actually kind of reminds me of a similar issue that from time to time comes up when I’m reading about (say) the behavior of wolves and the author of the article or book says: “This behavior is totally unknown except in wolves!” And I know that actually very similar behavior is also seen in dwarf mongooses, grasshopper mice, and Harris’ hawks.

So, Janet Reid’s advice to queriers: Know your stuff. Good advice for us all!

She also has an entertaining query up front-and-center at QueryShark right now, also worth a glance, even if you’re not interested in advice about how to query your very own novel.

And! On the subject of sandwich cookies, which you saw me work cleverly into this post! I have created an ABSOLUTELY KILLER ginger chocolate cookie, which I am convinced is the VERY BEST ginger chocolate cookie EVER CREATED. I will share the recipe with you all after the Scharffen Berger contest closes. A contest which has already been worthwhile, btw, because of THIS COOKIE I HAVE CREATED.

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2 thoughts on “Kind of a fun post over at Janet Reid’s blog —”

  1. Since cookies were the topic of this post, I take the opportunity to say we baked the Chocolate Truffle cookies the other day and they are a hit.

    I look forward to the ginger chocolate cookie recipe.

  2. Glad you liked the truffle cookies! Mmmm. I haven’t made those yet this year, but I need to. Maybe this weekend.

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