Recent Reading: Sarah Addison Allen

Just read The Girl Who Chased the Moon. Lovely! I immediately ordered the other two by Allen, Garden Spells and, um . . . oh, right: The Sugar Queen.

I trust Amazon Prime won’t let me down. I still haven’t gotten Still Life With Shapeshifters, you know, the sequel to Shape of Desire. I hate waiting! Especially when I totally expected the book to arrive last week! Sometimes life demonstrates that really, I am not always a patient person.

Anyway — I don’t suppose I loved The Girl Who Chased the Moon quite as much as The Peach Keeper. But since the latter was one of my favorite books for the whole year, well, it was a high bar.

I love the wallpaper that changes depending on your mood. I love the Giant of Mullaby. I love the idea of baking cakes as a wistful summons to those you’ve loved and lost. I really admire Win’s strength of will and I love Julia’s kindness and the way everybody in Julia’s restaurant supports her against her evil stepmother.

Most of all I love the epilogue-like last chapter. Without that, the book would have felt terribly incomplete, no matter how many people got their lives in order during the course of events.

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