Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance, and other Bujold thoughts —

I agree that it was just about perfect for Ivan; the manic tone of most of Miles’ books wouldn’t have worked well for it. I already expect to reread it soon. I always love rereading Bujold’s books!

Funniest line? I vote for:

“Good heavens,” said Illyan. “I certainly hope no one was injured!”

Or at least it was something close to that. You have to read the book to find out why it was so funny! I’m chuckling again now just thinking about that.

In some ways, I’m surprised Ivan and/or Tej didn’t figure out a way out of their, um, predicament. But in others, not surprised at all; I can see that By needed to be brought back in to the plot.

I loved watching Gregor in action at the end. I always love watching Gregor in action. Especially that time Nikki called him for help, remember that? Wasn’t that fabulous?

I agree that Bujold is probably done with this universe, but I do think that’s a pity. I’d like to see her go back and fill in some gaps. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a book or three set at the time of the Cetagandan invasion? Plus, if she wasn’t bored with it, there would be any number of Miles books that could be dropped into the middle of the chronology somewhere. Alas, I think it’s pretty clear she doesn’t intend to do anything of the kind.

Of the three Chalion books, I have to say, I really did like THE CURSE OF CHALION best, and THE HALLOWED HUNT least. But I did love all three and I too vote for Bujold dropping everything else and writing the other two that are supposed to be in that series, ASAP.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing more books in The Sharing Knife world. I know not everybody liked them, but I find them very comfortable, a real pleasure to re-visit on a quite frequent basis when I don’t have the time to spare to read something new. I particularly like the later ones in the series. If you read the first couple and then quit, really you should pick up the series again and go on with it. I doubt Bujold plans to write any other books in that world, I think she left the characters in a good place, but I’d love to see more.

I wonder what exactly she actually is working on now? I don’t think I’ve seen anything about that lately.

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3 thoughts on “Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance, and other Bujold thoughts —”

  1. I’d adore more Vorkosigan books, but I think she mentioned once that the First Cetagandan War was far too bleak for her to write about (at the time? at all?). A pity, I’d have liked to see Piotr and Ezar as young men. I did like that we got a lot more info about Xav in this book; I’d always wondered what he was doing during the Invasion, and the revelation of his diplomatic activities made total sense. (Rather Ben Franklin of him, I thought. I guess that’s where he picked up the Betan wife, whom I’d never made sense of either!)

    I loved the relationship between Illyan and Ivan in this book, which we’d never seen much before and I’d never thought much about; it was very quiet, but it meant a lot. And fun to see a fleeting glimpse of Miles and Ekaterin, but I’m glad Ivan got a chance to shine on his own with Miles out of the picture! (Also, was I the only one who giggled at Illyan’s mention of elephants?)

    Gregor’s scenes are always some of my favorites, and he did not disappoint!

    I admit that CHALION and PALADIN are perhaps better books technically and thematically, but I love HUNT for the pure and shallow reason that I totally have a crush on Ingrey.

    I’m ambivalent in my feelings for THE SHARING KNIFE. I love that Fawn is unapologetically feminine; that she loves cooking, competently keeps house, and (for the most part) stays out of fights when she can, because why WOULD you jump headfirst into a fight that someone else with a lot more training and experience could tackle? And I love that they’re set in a version of the rural Ohio countryside where I grew up, that the speech patterns are familiar to my ears, and that it’s a world that constantly needs saving. In fact after reading PASSAGE I wrote a huge gushing fan letter which I never actually sent; I wonder if it’d be too late now? On the other hand… They’re NOT the books I turn to when I want a comforting reread these days, and I can’t exactly put my finger on why.

  2. I love the Vorkosigan world so much that I’ll be sad to see it go if this is the last book. Still, everything has to end and it’s a sweet note to go out on.

    I looooove Gregor–actually pretty much the whole extended Vorkosigan/Vorpatril/Vorbarra clan is wonderful.

    Chalion is definitely my favorite Chalion book–I wanted so much for the books in that series to connect more completely rather than starting over with (almost) entirely new characters each time. But I would love if we do get the rest of the books in that series.

    I don’t know what she’s planning on writing, but I know I’ll plan to read it. :)

  3. At least the Vorkosigan books stand re-reading really, really well. And yes, I too will be in line for ANYTHING Bujold writes!

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