Okay, yeah, slightly distracted this weekend.

I thought I would have SO MUCH TIME to work on my WIP this weekend. Stuck in a hotel! With hours and hours of free time before and after show events! And I didn’t even bring a book with me, so see how committed I was? Only:

a) I was showing Pippa in Rally AE (Advanced/Excellent, you need to double-qualify for it to count), and so I actually did spend a little time Friday evening working with her in the lobby. She doesn’t need much practice, so that didn’t take long. But then it seemed only fair to take the puppy, Folly, down for some one-on-one practice. She was actually pretty good, so I almost wish I’d entered her in Novice. But honesty I haven’t had time to train anybody. Thus Pippa, who doesn’t need training to do fine. (she got scores of 88, 87, 93, and 86, btw. You can assume that she’s the one losing two to four points, and I’m the one losing ten points at a time for handler errors. She’s the only dog I have who can learn a new exercise in 15 minutes before the show and then do it right.)

b) I was showing Kenya in the breed ring, so there’s an hour of prep work right there, what with touching up her feet and ears. All that touching up and fussing with shampoos and blow dryers and special brushes didn’t help, this time, alas. Both days were exactly the same: this nice tri girl won Winners, Deb’s Sophia got Reserve, Shawn’s Reese got Best Puppy, etc.

c) Somebody’s dratted German shepherd barked well into the night. I retaliated by encouraging my girls to bark hysterically at nothing way before dawn. Well, no, actually I just found the white noise generator on my phone, but I suspect this is why I slept almost till seven in the morning. For me that is VERY late. I totally expected to have two extra hours to work on my laptop on Saturday morning, but no.

d) I went to dinner on Saturday with Deb and her husband, thus blowing most of the evening.

e) Sunday morning was the rush to get out of the hotel room on time, plus prepare Kenya for the show ring, so no way to work on anything then.

Despite everything, I did get some work done. Finished the new! improved! Chapter 5. This is the THIRD completely different version of Chapter Five, which is a record for me. Now working on the new, improved Chapter Six, which will carry me straight into the back half of the ms, which is not changing much at all. I’m not losing as much length as I’d hoped, though, the new draft will probably come out at 115,000 words which is a slight improvement.

Big question now: can I finish the new Chapter Six by this coming Friday, Nov 9th??? If not, can I possibly get it finished by Monday, even though it’s another show weekend???

Well, I think I can about guarantee I can have the whole thing sewn up by Thanksgiving, though, which is fine.

In the meantime! I am also moving hundreds of books out of the library into the study (dusting in the process), then shifting hundreds of books around in the library (more dusting). Next trick: finding a place to build a small additional bookshelf. It’s either that or getting rid of about 100 paperbacks, which would be painful and probably leave me constantly reaching for a book I discarded. But! The ENTIRE TBR PILE is now ON SHELVES instead of actually on the floor. There’s an accomplishment!

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