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Sooo not finished

Got the comments back from my agent on the WIP. Lots to do, lots to do. Sigh. But her eyes have given me a clearer look at the manuscript’s weaknesses and hopefully now I’ll be able to straighten out some problems with structure and pacing. I knew the ms had problems, so not a surprise that there’s a good bit of work still ahead of me. Though I’d have been quite pleased if she’d said, “It’s perfect, I’m sending it straight to your editor” — but, well, not surprised that she didn’t.

So, anyway — I guess I’ll tackle this this coming Friday. That gives me a couple days to, you know, not tackle it. Sort of the breathing space before the storm, right? I can finish reading the Barbara “Hamilton” mystery I started yesterday, make the nutella cream pie my mother requested for overnight guests on Thursday, and from time to time actually think briefly about what I’ll be doing when I finally do turn on my laptop.

In the meantime! Note to my students in English Comp: don’t expect a lot of sympathy from me if you’re dithering over your three-page comp paper. Jeez. Just put words in a row, all right? And then when you think you have it done, bring it to me.

Also! On a completely different note, something I’ve been doing lately is a) showing my girls, b) deciding to retire my five-year-old ruby from the show ring, c) deciding to therefore go ahead and breed her this very year, and d) selecting a stud dog for her. Here he is:

Almost too gorgeous, isn’t he? He’s got excellent structure and a nice, compact build. Plus, he’s eight and just cleared his heart and eye checks again. I know his father and grandfather by repute — his grandfather is still alive and going strong at 16 plus, which is fabulous for a Cavalier. Plus this dog and his father have been used as stud dogs quite a bit, so I have a good idea what he should produce in his puppies, even though this will be a total outcross. Plus he’s carrying red, so he could produce black-and-tan or red puppies — I’d prefer red, but I’ll take black-and-tan. His name is AKC and CKCSC Ch Ringleader The Prez, btw.

So, anyway — enough about dogs for now! I just wanted to show off this picture.

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