I’m feeling like such an unadventurous foody right now . . .

How is it I made it through the Evansville fall festival without trying the alligator jerky? Maybe I just don’t have the nerve to try a brains sandwich, but how did I miss the cheesecake on a stick? I had a really kind of fabulous Italian sausage sandwich, but now I see here on this (extremely long) list of available foods that I missed out on the chocolate covered clown nose. What do you suppose that was?

The chocolate-covered crickets are all too self-explanatory, alas.

We shall ignore them, forcefully, and go on to regret the missed opportunity to try the habanero ice cream. I don’t regret skipping the deep-fried twinkies, because I can’t stand regular twinkies, but I do regret not trying the deep-fried klondike bar.

I wonder what “eagle eggs” are? And look, here’s something called a “milk jug.” That’s another total mystery. Somebody was selling “painted pig on a stick.” I can imagine pork items on a stick, but “painted”?

Actually, a lot of the food listed looks normal, or normal-ish, and good. African peanut chicken — sign me up. Cajun catfish, ditto. Pulled pork, deep-fried portabellas, white chicken chili, and on and on.

I actually did have something deep fried — a funnel cake — and something on a stick — a chocolate-dipped banana. So you could tell I was at a street festival. But I am embarrassed I didn’t try anything really weird.

So, anyway — Kenya got one point, which she can use; and Adora got one point, which is useless — all she needs is majors — and so the show itself was okay, even though it was very small. But the fall festival was very impressive, even if we left the rides and games to the kiddies. Next year, if the show falls on the same weekend as the festival, you can bet I’ll make plans for strategic nibbling on more than one evening!

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