Back to work, plus the world’s most beautiful costume

It turns out that it takes kind of a long time, after nearly a week off, to get back into cutting mode. Good thing it’s just easy cutting. If I had to think much about plot or characterization, that’d be harder. Probably I’ll arrive at that part sometime next week, but by then hopefully I’ll be back in the mood.

Meanwhile, I’m totally in the mood to read books I bought at Chicon. I read TIASSA by Brust last night. Meh. I liked the previous one, IORICH, much better. MUCH MUCH better.

What makes the difference? Easy: IORICH sticks to Vlad’s pov and voice; TIASSA jumps all over the place in pov and half of it is written in the longwinded PHOENIX GUARDS style. Which I like fine, but not in a Vlad story!

So, meh. You know what I want? Bujold’s new one. Months to go yet.

However, speaking of Chicon, you MUST follow this link and look at this costume:

and if you want to see more costumes, some of which are also very impressive, try this link:

If the links don’t go live in the post, I bet you can cut and paste them with no trouble. Since I just did. You should definitely look at the second to last, the guy with the wings. That was an amazing costume! He made those wings fold up and stretch out — I have no idea how.

And thanks, Mike! A real camera makes such a difference!

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