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To a new favorite book review blog!

Naturally, this blog — Into The Hall Of Books — caught my eye because of Asheley’s review of HOUSE OF SHADOWS.

But it’s not just that the review is positive! No! (Though of course it is, or I would hardly link to it, right?) It’s also that it’s splendidly well organized and easy to follow! Which, for a fairly complicated book like H of S, is pretty impressive.

I particularly like the way Asheley underlined the important character and place names, and the way she broke the post up into different sections: The Characters, The Story, The World. And I PARTICULARLY liked the second on The Romance: “There are no swoons in House of Shadows”. Making that clear is a real favor to readers, these days when half of all fantasy (two thirds? Three fourths?) is very, very heavy on the romance.

And I liked the list of tags for Who This Book Would Appeal To at the end.

I’ve been reading other entries in this blog lately, and really, very good thoughtful reviews. Plus entries that made me add books to my wishlist, like I needed to expand that. I’ll definitely be stopping by Into The Hall Of Boooks regularly after this.

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