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So still mainly doing dog things. I’m sure you will all find this fascinating, right? I did get eight pages written last night, but tonight was the BBQ dinner and auction and you know what? No writing. Too busy with the ribs and potato salad and watching other people buy really nice items for largish sums. The guy who acted as the auctioner was hilarious, btw.

Yes, in case you wondered, the girls got to share the meat off one of the ribs.

So, show news! Adora finished her CKCSC CD this morning! Yay, Adora! That is the novice level of formal obedience, but “novice” doesn’t mean “piece of cake”. There’s heeling both on and off leash, heeling in a figure eight around two people, the “stand for exam” where you leave your dog in a standing position and walk away six feet and the judge comes over and touches her head and back — she’s not supposed to move, obviously. The there’s the off-lead recall and the sit-for-one-minute and the down-for-three-minutes with you across the room. Adora is very reliable about all of this but the off-lead heeling. Which she is also great at in practice, but in an actual show it falls apart, probably because I’m nervous.

Anyway! She did a decent job today and finished off her . . . um . . . sixth performance title.

Pippa did a fabulous job at the Excellent level of Rally (highest level). In Rally, the judge lays out a course of 15 signs or so and each sign says to do something and when you get to the sign you do whatever it says. There was a sign in today’s course that was new and that I never heard of before! It was a Stand Leave Sit Call to Front Finish, or something like that. What you were supposed to do is, you’re heeling and you do a moving stand to stop your dog in place while you keep going six more feet. Then you turn to face your dog and signal her to sit. She sits and you call her to come sit in front of you, then signal her to turn and sit in heel position, then move on to the next sign.

I had never taught Pippa to sit from six feet away! I taught her that in the ten minutes or so before I needed to go in the ring. She is a very fast learner! She actually did it almost right, but for some reason gave me a down instead of a sit, which lost her three points. Otherwise it was a perfect score for the course! So go, Pippa! That was her first leg for her eight performance title. Tomorrow I trust she’ll get her second leg, which will leave her needing one more for the title.

And! In the OTHER competition, while I was disappointed that Adora didn’t win the ruby class, she did get second, and it was a fairly large, competitive class, so that wasn’t TOO bad. I would really like her to win tomorrow! I am quite sure that Adora also feels that if she has to have her ears shampooed an extra time and her coat misted and her drying coat put on and then be carefully combed so her coat is absolutely straight and then have a veeery light rub of shine oil applied, she should win.

Well, maybe tomorrow! Because we will do it all over again with different judges.

No pictures, sorry, my phone is sloooow to send them to my email. Maybe later!

10:30 PM! Time for one more walk and then that’s it for the night! We’ll need an early start tomorrow.

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