Ah, the main joy of a hotel in a big (biggish) city —

A great phone connection and thus an excellent internet connection! Sigh. At home I have sit on the deck outside to get two bars. Literally sit outside. Don’t know what I’ll do in February. And here I am in Louisville KY in a decent if not fabulous hotel room, with aaaallll the bars. No, not that kind of bars! The 4G kind. Anyway, so much better!

The girls, wondering if I'm going to eat all the pretzels myself

This is Pippa, who shows only in performance because she had to be spayed; Adora (the ruby) who will show in performance and the breed ring; and Giedre, who is not quiiiite old enough to show but is along for the experience and because I want her dad’s breeder to look at her.

I’m not showing tonight; it’s puppy sweepstakes and my puppy is, as I say, not quite old enough to enter. Nor am I showing tomorrow; it’ll be my chance to actually watch the show. Especially the puppy dog classes in the morning and the special limit bitch classes in the later afternoon. (It’s always dogs in the morning and bitches in the afternoon.) (The classes are, in order, junior puppy, senior puppy, graduate puppy, junior American Bred, American Bred, Bred By Exhibitor, Special Limit Blenheim, SL Tricolor, SL Ruby, SL Black-and-tan, Open, Winners — I think that’s all the classes but I might have forgotten something. Oh, yeah, Health and Conformation and Veterans.)

Saturday and Sunday I’ll be showing in performance in the morning, so I’ll likely miss the early classes, and my ruby bitch Adora will be in Special Limit Ruby, which means that in practice I won’t be able to watch any class for two hours or so before that since I’ll be getting ready myself.

Wish me luck!

Plus, yes, I brought my laptop. I am too close to finishing my WIP to take a whole five days off; I need to keep moving forward because a full stop can mean trouble starting. Plus this close to the end, I just couldn’t stand to take all that time away from it! I got a room to myself mostly because I want privacy and quiet wrapped around the show events so’s to have quality time with my laptop. Though the fast internet here may be a touch distracting. But I shall maintain focus! Later. Soon.

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4 thoughts on “Ah, the main joy of a hotel in a big (biggish) city —”

  1. Regarding your wireless connection – have you considered getting a wireless range extender? AKA signal booster, or verbiage along those lines.

    My brothers installed one at our parent’s house while Dad was dying a few months back. it worked really well.

    Amazon shows a bunch for between $30 & $70, so it’s not a bank breaker of an item.

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