When page counts are not your friend —

You know what? I just hit 100k words on my work in progress! And it isn’t done! It isn’t close to done enough to reach 100k. Oh, the agony!

Actually, I am pretty calm about overshooting on length. I almost always do overshoot, sometimes seriously; I always have to go back and trim. I remember cutting 20% of CITY, for example. And 100 pp off the third Griffin Mage book (yes, exactly 100 pages, by pure chance. I swear it just worked out that way).

I think I’m going to overshoot pretty far this time, though hopefully not by a full 100 pages (that’s about 32,000 words, btw). I would like the full, finished length to be no more than 110,000 words; hopefully I won’t exceed that by TOO much before typing THE END and starting to cut. There are some scenes that could go, I think, but I like some of them, so I don’t know. Just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, yes, it is actually pretty cool to hit 100k words. You know at that point you have Been Writing. Look, even if it isn’t quite finished, there is A Book sitting right there. You’re definitely on the downhill side of the job when you hit the 100k mark!

Plus, I’ve hit this great scene I’ve really been looking forward to! I worked till 11:00 PM last night, which is late for me since I get up at 5:30 AM. If only I had this week entirely off, I would plunge into the endgame of this book and finish it off with a flourish by Friday. Alas, life is in the way; stuff to do, people to see, can’t just ignore the world, tempting though it is.

I have turned the ringers off on my phones, though. And don’t expect me to check in on Twitter too much for the next few days. #amwriting

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