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Guess what just came out?

DEEP SKY by Patrick Lee

I read it last night in one fell swoop. Man, can that guy write a thriller! These are SF thrillers, and if there are implausible bits, you sure don’t have time to notice them in the midst of the action. My favorite of the trilogy is probably the second book, GHOST COUNTRY. Especially that scene at the airport — wow. I’m re-reading it now.

Isn’t it interesting that it’s the second book I liked the best, btw? When everybody usually expects the second book of a trilogy to be the weakest? I can think of three other trilogies where I really liked the second book the best:

THE TRUTHTELLER’S TALE by Sharon Shin was my favorite of that trilogy,

STAY was my favorite of that thriller/mystery triology by Griffith,

and actually, if I’m allowed to pick one of my own books, BURNING SANDS was my favorite of the Griffin Mage trilogy. I’d actually be interested to know, given that you’ve read the Griffin Mage trilogy, which one of the three would be your pick?

Any other trilogies where you prefer the second book? Or where you just think the second book was really strong?

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