Hey, look what was waiting on my porch yesterday —

A whole boxful! Two boxes, in fact! Isn’t it lovely?

The official release date is July 10th! I am nervous and excited: how will the early reviews look? I see that 471 people on Goodreads have listed it as to-read. That sounds like a good start! I will be giving away 10 copies on Goodreads — I’m setting that up right now, since I finally have copies that I’m able to mail out.

UPDATE: The giveaway has gone live; here is the link.

Also, I’ve set up a blog tour, so lots of reviews should be posted, starting July 9th and going straight on into September. Did I mention I am nervous as well as excited?

I’ll be posting links to guest posts and interviews and stuff as they hit the blogophere — also to any review where there’s also a giveaway, which should be most of ’em.

July 10th . . . counting the days!

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8 thoughts on “Hey, look what was waiting on my porch yesterday —”

  1. On my birthday, I’ll be able to go to Barnes and Noble to buy House of Shadows; I know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day after that. :)

  2. Awesome Rachel! I hope it sells a gazillion copies. My copy shall be one of those very gazillions of course. I can hardly wait!

  3. Amazon just sent me a note that they expect me to get it June 27 instead of July 12. I hope they’re correct.

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