Ooh! Ooh! I’m a “semi-colon”!

Here’s a fun fake personality test:

What your favorite punctuation says about you.

The funniest one? For me, that’d be the en-dash.

But I have an objective measure of punctuation overuse! Because at the end of a ms? I go through and do a “Find” for semi-colons and take out a bunch. It’s a tedious exercise that takes about 3 hours, but I think it’s important. You can’t get away with three semi-colons per paragraph unless you’re Jane Austin. Or Naomi Novik.

So, overusing semi-colons! That’s great! Because who wouldn’t want to be fall into this category? “You’re well-read and urbane. You knew where this was on the keyboard before it became part of the winky emoticon. You’re more easy-going than Colon or Period types, but you’re still put together and usually organized. People are comfortable around you and tend to like you, though they may not be able to say exactly why.”

I also take out quite a lot of em-dashes, though. So if a taste for em-dashes means: “You’re stuck up and pretentious. You correct people’s grammar and complain about how stupid kids are these days. You like to show off. You made good grades in school and perform well at work. Your boss loves you, even if your co-workers don’t.”

So if I overuse two elements of grammar, do I get to pick the personality type I prefer? I almost never correct people’s grammar. Except under my breath when I can’t stand it. : )

Actually, as personality predictions, these probably come as close as astrological symbols . . .

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